Long traditions of quality.

General indications on the activity of "Promishlena Energetika" JSC - Yambol:

The Company has as its subject of activity the registration: manufacturing and engineering activities in the country and abroad in the field of industrial and communal energy, as well as any economic and commercial activity, which is not prohibited by the law.
The shareholders of the company are 30 individuals.
Nearly 40 years of his company's traditions give him the opportunity to work in the energy and district heating facilities.
Throughout its existence, “Promishlena energetika” JSC maintains and regularly validates its Permit to Work in Supervised Sites under Art. 36 para. 6 of the LTIP (Law on Technical Requirements of Products) and its Ordinances.
The company regularly maintains its certification under BDS EN ISO 3834-2 and Directive 2014/68/EC as a manufacturer of pressure equipment and maintenance, refurbishment and refurbishment of high-risk facilities. The performance of these activities is under the continuous control of two IWE and EWE graduate engineers
In 1994 “Promishlena energetika” JSC is certified by T?V - Bayern Sachsen - Germany, and in 2007 it was re-tested by the T?V Rheinland Group as a company meeting the requirements of the European standards TRD 201, AD 2000 HP 0 and DIN EN ISO 3834-2. In addition, T?V - Bayern Sachsen also issued individual certificates for welders by various welding methods and certified four welders as required by the ASME American Standard for Pressure Equipment, which are regularly recertified by the certification body T?V Rheinland Bulgaria EOOD authorized by BSA.
The company has an integrated system for quality management, healthр safety and environmental protection. The system is certified by T?V NORD CERT GmbH according to EN ISO 9001, OHSAS 18001 and EN ISO 14001.
“Promishlena energetika” JSC has a certificate of manufacturer of welded products according to EN ISO 3834-2 issued by "T?V Rheinland Bulgaria" EOOD.
Throughout its existence, the company has a certificate under No. 08-033 of the State Agency for Combustion Engines, in compliance with the requirements of the Law for Technical Requirements of the Products for carrying out the maintenance, repair and reconstruction of equipment with increased danger.
For all its activities “Promishlena energetika” JSC is serviced by itself, working directly with producers both in the country and abroad. Maintains very good relationship with the companies: "THYSSENKRUPP MANNEX-GmbH", "BENTELER-AG" and "FERONA A.S." Praha OZ - Plzen. In the field of fuel technology, we have direct relations with the companies RIELLO, WEISHAUPT and SAACKE from Germany, as well as with the US companies POWER FLAME, CSI, TODD, COEN and CENTEC. We contact SCHNEIDER, SIEMENS, FESTO, HONEYWELL, MAXITROL, ELSTER, DANFOSS, LANDIS / GIR on gas fittings and equipment, and others.

Total number of years of existence of the company and more important transformations and mergers:

The company started its activity as of 01.08.1975 as a separate unit of the then "Energoremont" NPP - Galabovo on the basis of the technical staff of OT "EOOD" - Yambol. From 01.07.1979 the unit became an independent economic enterprise in the composition of the then PPC "Promishlena Energetika" - Sofia, established by Decree of the Council of Ministers No 23/79.
In 1990, by Order No. 212/89 of the former MIP, the enterprise was transformed into state-owned company under Decree No 56/89, and Order No. 70 / 29.04.1994 of the former Energy Committee was transformed into a sole a joint stock company with state property. By Order No. 102 / 13.07.1993 of the Chairman of the then Energy Committee, a privatization was opened and carried out in 1994 by the employees of the company.

Specialized areas of activity of the company:

1. Production, repair, reconstruction and construction of high-risk facilities

“Promishlena energetika” JSC has strong traditions in the production and repair of pressurized elements in the power industry and industry in the country and beyond. The company works mainly in the Maritza East Power Complex in the production of pressure elements, repair of the same under factory conditions, as well as participation in the repairs of the boiler units themselves in Brikel AD, AES Maritza East-1 JSC, Maritsa TPP Iztok-2 "EAD, ContourGlobal Maritza East 3 AD and TPP" Maritza-3 "AD.
Our long-term clients are also: district heating plants in Sofia, Sliven, Bourgas, Shumen, Vratsa, Pleven, Razgrad, Plovdiv, Kazanlak, Pernik, KMH Belovo, KCM Plovdiv, Aurubis AD Pirdop , "Mondi Stamboliiski" EAD - Stamboliyski, Lukoil Neftochim Bourgas JSC - Bourgas, Kotlostroene JSC - Sofia, Svilocell AD - Svishtov, Stein Energie - France and others.
So far, there has been no claim regarding the quality of the hotplates and their repairs. The company has well-trained and skilled workers.
In 2003, “Promishlena energetika” JSC undertook a major overhaul of a 50 Gcal boiler at the city's heating plant "Topla", Pristina - Kosovo, at the European Union tender.
In 2012, the company assembled a bio-boiler at Roquette SA in Calafat, Romania, with a production capacity of 18 tons per hour with mainstream straw, production of Kirk-Suri, Belgrade-Serbia.
In 2013, the “Promishlena energetika” JSC designed and built a new steam plant with a boiler capacity of 18 t / hour with main fuel straw produced by Weiss - Denmark in "VinSIndustries" Karnobat - Bulgaria.
Most of the staff have been working for more than 20 years in the company and have considerable professional experience that is passed on to young workers. This allows the “Promishlena energetika” JSC to carry out repairs in good quality while complying with the requirements of the LTIP (Law on Technical Requirements of Products) and the Regulations thereto.

2. Gasification

The main focus is the co-operation with American and German companies in the gasification of 20, 35, 50 and 75 t / hour boiler units, as well as 50- and 100-gauge hot water boilers in district heating plants and power plants.
The gasification of boilers up to 12 t / hour is carried out in cooperation with Riello - Italy, Saacke and Weishaupt - Germany and Ecoclima JSC - Bourgas. Especially efficient for the customers is the reconstruction of existing Bulgarian combustion plants for natural gas. We also offer the supply of fuel systems, gas fittings and equipment, direct imports from the USA, Germany, Italy, Czech Republic and Finland.
Up to now, the company has gasified more than 600 boilers and process furnaces with the relevant gas pipelines, GRP and FLPs and safety installations in the cities of Sofia, Rousse, Yambol, Lovech, Razgrad, Stara Zagora, Pazardjik, Parvomay, Sliven, Montana, Nova Zagora, Popovo, Isperih, General Toshevo, Peshtera, Sevlievo, Bozhurishte, Bankya, Kyustendil, Petrich, Varna, Pavlikeni, Novi Pazar, Asenovgrad, Bourgas, Kameno, Butovo, Tserkovski, Zlatna Panega, Smolyan, Plovdiv .

3. Subscription service

“Promishlena energetika” JSC has gained over 35 years of experience in servicing the steam power plants in the industrial and communal sectors, as well as the lifting equipment in the country, such as: Aurubis JSC - Pirdop, Ecoplast Febur JSC - Yambol, "Domostroene" Ltd. - Sliven, ATLAS Ltd. - Zlati Voivoda, Sakarela Ltd. - Yambol, Overgas Engineering JSC - Yambol, ABC Engineering - H EOOD - Yambol, "IMSTI" Ltd. - Yambol and others.

4. Ecology

The company has more than 30 years of experience in conducting thermal tests and adjusting the technological settings of the heat power plants in the industrial sector.

5. Utilization plants

“Promishlena energetika” JSC has more than 30 years of experience in the production of waste treatment plants of the series "KUPD", "KPU" and "KVV" in various types of boilers, as well as the PKM, PKN and PGK of Kotlostroene AD - Sofia.
In 1999, “Promishlena energetika” JSC designed, manufactured and successfully commissioned 4 KM-12 boiler installations in "Toplofikacia Yambol" AD.
In 2001, the company designed, manufactured and successfully commissioned two number of PKM-6,5M and PKM-6 boilers in Yambol AD.
In 2003, “Promishlena energetika” JSC designed, manufactured and successfully commissioned a cylindrical membrane boiler-burner with steam production of 12 t / hour and parameters of the steam pressure 40 ata and temperature 2200C in Lukoil Neftochim Bourgas AD.
In 2004, the company designed, developed and successfully commissioned a specialized 2 MW wood burning boiler at a working pressure of 6 ata in Svishtov Hospital.
In the period 2004-2008, “Promishlena energetika” JSC designed, manufactured and assembled the DHW heating pipes of boilers № 5, 6, 7 and 8 in TPP Maritsa East 2 EAD.
In 2009, the company designed a new ULU heating surface for a 900F-1 furnace at Lukoil Neftochim Bourgas AD, which designed and replaced the existing one.
In 2010, “Promishlena energetika” JSC designed and completed the reconstruction of the boiler plants of Ivan Skendarov Hospital - Gotse Delchev for burning wood pellets.
In 2014, the company designed, manufactured and successfully put into operation the heating surface - water heaters with heat pipes on boiler PKM-4 in Vini AD - Sliven.
In 2014, “Promishlena energetika” JSC designed, manufactured and successfully commissioned 3 PKM-6,5M boilers and 2 PKM-12 boilers in "E. Miroglio AD - Sliven.

6. Engineering

In addition to the traditional design for the construction of boiler plants, the “Promishlena energetika” JSC also designs gasification of thermal power plants.
In full engineering, the company designs, builds and successfully puts into operation the following sites:
2006 Steam plant 36 t / h with natural gas fuel at Burgas Sugar Factory EAD - Kameno;
2009 Emergency steam plant with 24 t / h fuel with industrial gas oil in Contour Global Maritza East 3 AD;
2012 New Economizer of Sodo-Generating Boiler at Mondi Stamboliiski AD - Stamboliyski;
2013 steam power plant 18 t / h with fuel straw at VINS Industries Ltd. - Tserkovski village.

7. Laboratory with scope of activity:

- Repair of all kinds of gas flow meters - turbine, diaphragm, rotary and ultrasonic, as well as parts for them.
- Calibration of meters for gas and water leakage.
- Gas and water pipeline inspection.
- Adjustment of electronic gas flow correctors.
- Repairing all types of gas flow meters and supplying the necessary spare parts for them.
- Locating and locating underground pipelines.

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