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We are company from Bulgaria and we work with PE AD almost 10 year. This company is very trustworthy and we will continue ...more
     The motto of Promishlena
Energetika AD, Yambol is:
"The satisfied customer equivalent success"
"According to the court registration the main activity of Promishlena Energetika Joint Stock Company, Yambol is domestic and foreign production and engineering in the field of industrial and public...more
- Structure,
- Main directions
- Bulgarian partners .
- Foreighn partners.
- Returning customers.
- Utilization and gasification
Book-keeping balances of the company for last 3 years
This section is for the company book-keeping balances for last 3 year according to Bulgarian law for joint-stock companies... more
Repair of steam heating boilers and Gasification
One of the company’s activity main direction is the co-operation with German and American companies for the gasification of... more
- Boiler repair in Zlatna Panega
- Building boiler station .
- Repairing something
Please visit our gallery to see some photos with our job here
TUV Nord Cert GmbH certificate ¹ 78 100 6405, Sertificate of
Bulgarian Accredit Service, License of The State service for Metrology and Technical control
In 2004 the company successfully passed certifying audit via TUV Nord Cert GmbH for the implementation of a quality control system following the ... .more 1| Sertificates
2| Accredits
3| Licenses
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